Eli Lilly service willy nilly

I am diabetic and carry around an insulin pen. The brand is Humapen Ergo and I purchased it in India from Eli Lilly. Once prescribed insulin, a diabetic uses a considerable amount of this very expensive drug in his life-time.

On a recent trip to the USA, I found that after injecting myself, when I pulled the pen tip out of my body, most of the insulin was coming out of the pen tip. In other words, I was not getting treated and I was wasting precious medicine.

No problem, I thought. Eli Liily is a large multinational pharma company and one phone call should be all it would take to solve my problem.

I was being impractical and unduly optimistic.

I called the help-line who did not even ask me what the problem was. They told me that this product was Canadian and bounced me to the Canadian help-line. They were equally uninterested and gave me the number for their India help-line which did not pick up.

I found out that there is no way to email Eli Lilly USA. There is a compliance line and I lodged a complaint with them in early May 2009. No one has responded. I was delighted to find that the Indian web site has a link on which you can email them. The delight was premature. My complaint there also has not received the courtesy of a response.

This is my plan of action.

I will be sending this email to all my doctors requesting them to prescribe other brands of Insulin to their patients.

I will mention this as a case in every training program and every presentation that I make on Customer Service.

I will also ask my physician to switch me to insulin from either Biocon and Novo Nordisk.

No point putting money in the pocket of this company. It is only interested in my money and not in my health. It does not have the basic courtesy that is due to paying customers.


~ by parimalgandhi on 02/06/2009.

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